Design Week(end)
May 12-14, 2017

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From volunteering to hosting an event, to proposing something we’ve never thought of, there are many ways you can bring your ingenuity and passion to Vancouver Design Week(end).

Join in, speak up, and stand out!

Event host registrations close at 6pm April 14.
Public registrations open April 18.

1 / Open Studios

A unique opportunity to go behind the scenes with local design talent. A chance for local designers - established and emergent - to connect with the public, future clients, and collaborators. Spotlight on-the-boards work; daylight design process; catalyze conversations about design culture in our city (... and yes, show off a little!)



2 / Open Buildings

A chance to experience some of Vancouver’s stand out spaces in a way beyond the everyday - through the lens of the dynamic design teams that created them. If you’re the owner or designer of a stand out space and want to be a part of the weekend line up, register soon to get on the map.



3 / Tastings

Gastronomic experiences are influenced by great design; and the collaborations between design palettes create dynamic conversations about taste and place. Tastings are a chance to access the inspirations behind the local lounges we love... amidst signature samples and a design conscious crowd. Note: Tastings hosts set their own space limits and prices to manage capacity and cover costs.



4 / Open Call

We’re inviting local designers, design organizations, design thinkers and makers to join the conversation! If you’re positively contributing to the local design scene, and are interested in creating a design-related happening (and you can successfully host it during THE weekend), apply for our Open Call.

Members of the VDW event administration will review your submission to ensure alignment with the VDW mission.



5 / Partner

Vancouver Design Week is a collaborative production for the advancement of our city’s culture, quality of life, and future potential - and as a not-for-profit social enterprise, it’s only possibly through the support of the community. Join in, step up and stand out as an official partner in supporting design culture in Vancouver!


> DOWNLOAD Partner Package (1.5mb pdf)

6 / Volunteer

Go behind the scenes of our events and get more connected with the Vancouver design community by becoming a Vancouver Design Week(end) volunteer.


7 / Donate

Vancouver Design Week is a collaborative production for the advancement of our city’s culture, quality of life, and future potential; and as a not-for profit social enterprise, it’s only possible through the generous support of donors like you. A financial donation helps us tremendously.



Registration fees apply to event hosting, but any registrations that are not approved will be refunded.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is Vancouver Design Week(end)?

Vancouver Design Week (VDW) is the city’s official interdisciplinary design festival — at once a city-wide platform, invitation and call to action! VDW is a unique opportunity to: celebrate local design talent; connect design makers and users; and to support design’s capacity for improving the quality of our everyday lives.

We are all impacted by design everyday. VDW’s mission is: to increase awareness of and appreciation for design, design process and the pervasive impact design has on important social and cultural issues; and to create an informed, inclusive (and inspiring!) participatory platform for engaging them.

VDW’s full 10 day festival is gearing up to return for 2018, but rather than go without another year, we’re whetting the palate for 2017 with an abridged program — a Vancouver Design Week(end).

When is Vancouver Design Week(end)?

May 12-14, 2017.

Where is Vancouver Design Week(end)?

It’s happening all around Vancouver. A full event calendar and maps will become available as events and locations are confirmed. to hear when the line-up goes live.

How can I get involved?

Proactive question - we want you!

Host an event, become a supporting partner, volunteer, make a donation... and most importantly: show up, join in, and stand out! Explore practices and processes, exchange perspectives with (other) designers, ask questions, share your thoughts and be a part of the conversation!

How can I support Vancouver Design Week?

We’re glad you asked!

Become a supporting partner, make a donation, or volunteer amongst other designers across disciplines and districts. See below for more details on all of these options.

How do I become a host? Can anyone list an event?

VDW invites local designers across disciplines to sign up for signature open doors events - Open Studios, Open Buildings, or Tastings. Open your space, show off your work, share a sampling of what makes you unique as a part of our design community!

Don’t have a studio, building or tasting room, but you run — or have always wanted to create — a design-focused happening — now’s your chance! If it will enrich, expand or constructively challenge the Vancouver design conversation, and you can successfully host it during VDWknd, apply for our Open Call. Note that a modest registration fee will be charged to help cover the cost of maintaining the platform.

How do I sign up for events? Is it free?

Attendance to some events will be free, some (where space is limited) will require registration, and others will require paid tickets. Registration and ticketing will be managed by individual event hosts / organizers, so be sure to confirm details before heading out. And sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any early bird announcements!

Who puts on Vancouver Design Week and how is possible?

Vancouver Design Week is a not-for-profit social enterprise, created by a passionate team of volunteers from across design disciplines; with the support of generous contributions of time, talent and resources from the larger design community. In collaboration with some of the city’s most renowned designers, design institutions, entrepreneurs, educators, thinkers, and makers — Vancouver Design Week has been willed into being by a shared belief that design is imperative to improving the quality and potential of our city. Help us make this vision a reality by showing up, joining in, and standing out!

A huge thank to all of the following who have been early supporters - because of you Vancouver Design Week is possible!


the RAIC HCMA Architecture + Design Viva Vancouver the GDC Michael Green Architecture Cause+Affect

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Industry Partners

Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects Heather Stoutenburg Colin Campbell

Media Partners

Georgia Straight

VDW Organizing Team

Jennifer Cutbill

Jennifer Cutbill / Director + Co-founder

Jennifer is an Architect at Local Practice, and Regional Director with the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC). She is passionate about empowering design’s incredible potential for positive change.

Todd Sieling

Todd Sieling / Strategy + Web

Todd is an interaction designer and co-founder of Denim & Steel Interactive. Informed by his background in the humanities, he strives to bring a humane sensibility to the cool edge of digital technology. Outside of work, Todd explores the urban landscape through the dual lenses of cycling and coffee.

Harry Olson

Harry Olson / Open Studios Coordinator

Harry is a passionately broad-minded thinker who never loses sight of the big picture but lives for the details that make cities, organizations, and people tick. His visual communication practice is rooted in producing brands that connect people, products, and place.

Tylor Sherman

Tylor Sherman / Web

Tylor is a creative technologist and co-founder at Denim & Steel. An engineer by training, he designs unique software for a people-focused future.

Sean Durfee

Sean Durfee / Graphic + Web

Sean is a web, product, and graphic designer with a background in international relations. He is constantly striving to find humble solutions to complex problems.

Anna Horvath

Anna Horváth / Partnerships Coordinator

As a fundraising strategist, Anna works to foster philanthropic support and partnerships for non-profit organizations.

Anna Lambert

Anna Lambert / Tastings Coordinator

Before turning her attention to creating a career doing private culinary events, Anna developed and implemented values-based marketing campaigns for Vancity Credit Union. Planning and organizing events to the minute details are her passion.

Nicole Kapalungan

Nichole Kapalungan / Copywriter

Nichole is a communications coordinator with a background in literature and arts and culture studies. With a feverish love of film, she comes packaged with celluloid dreams.

Laura-Beth McDonald

Laura-Beth McDonald / Open Buildings Coordinator

Laura-Beth is a corporate event planner fascinated by the diversity of ways we engage with those around us. She strives to delight the world with her passion for making the seemingly chaotic appear simplistically clear.

Matej Rodela

Matej Rodela/ Media Coordinator

Matej is a media studies graduate who has spent a reasonable number of years working in the media. Tired of the oldskul mentality of his bosses, he dived into the world of design thinking, service design, product design, and business.

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